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Current Team

Derrick Godin

Doctoral Student (Psy.D.)

Doctoral Research Project

Experiences of victimization have negative consequences on individuals’ mental health, making them more likely to develop internalized or externalized problems. In addition, past victimization significantly increases the risk of being revictimized later in life. This seems to indicate that there is a vicious cycle of victimization and research tends to show that the characteristics of both perpetrators and victims appear to be associated with this phenomenon. Among the multiple causes that may explain revictimization, I am interested in the role of personality and, more specifically, gender traits. Indeed, several studies have already shown that the negative effect of masculinity or femininity on the victimization experiences of individuals with non-stereotypical gender expression. I am trying to better define the moderating role of gender traits on the maintenance of experiences of victimization over time according to gender. More generally, I am also interested in examining the etiology of mental disorders and how our genes and our environment can interact or influence each other to give rise to our personal characteristics.

Conference Presentations

Godin, D., Brendgen, B., Vitaro, V., Dionne, G., Boivin, M. (2021). Lien entre la victimisation par les pairs et la victimisation dans les relations romantiques: rôle modérateur des traits de personnalité genres. Société Québécoise de Recherche en Psychologie, Chicoutimi, Canada.

Godin, D., Brendgen, B., Dickson, D., Vitaro, V., Dionne, G., Boivin, M. (2020). L’auto-efficacité romantique au début de l'âge adulte : peut-on la prédire dès le début de l'adolescence?.  Société Québécoise de Recherche en Psychologie, Gatineau, Canada. (Abrégé accepté, événement annulé en raison de la pandémie COVID-19).

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